Application build and update

Debian setup

Certificates setup

Production env setup

For production you probably would like to create databases to your locale, example:

create database registry_production owner registry encoding 'UTF-8' LC_COLLATE 'et_EE.utf8' LC_CTYPE 'et_EE.utf8' template template0;
create extension hstore;

Deploy overview: (database schema should be loaded and seeds should be present)

# at your local machine
git clone
cd registry
rbenv local 2.2.2 # more info about rbenv at debian doc
gem install mina # or any other deployment tool
cp config/deploy.rb.sample config/deploy.rb # and edit it
mina pr setup # one time, only creates missing directories
ssh registry

# at your server
cd registry
cp current/config/application.yml.sample shared/config/application.yml # and edit it
cp current/config/database.yml.sample shared/config/database.yml # and edit it

vi /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/registry.conf # add conf and all needed serts
vi /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/epp.conf # add epp conf, restart apache
# at your local machine
mina pr deploy # for new update using mina tool as example

Deploy script setup

We recommend Mina instead of Capistrano or other tools for deployment.

All deploy code locates at config/deploy.rb, please copy content from example file and edit it.

cp config/deploy.rb.sample config/deploy.rb # and edit it

First add shortcuts to your local machine ssh config file,

~/.ssh/config file:
# staging
Host registry-st
  User registry

# production
Host registry
  User registry

# staging
Host eppweb-st
  User registry

# production
Host eppweb
  User registry

# staging
Host whois-st
  User registry

# production
Host whois
  User registry

Those shortcuts should be same as in config/deploy.rb script, otherwise mina will not deploy.

Mina help and all mina commands:

mina -h
mina -T

Setup application directories for a new server:

mina setup     # staging
mina pr setup  # production

Deploy new code:

mina deploy    # staging
mina pr deploy # production

Rollback to previous release:

mina rollback    # staging
mina pr rollback # production

General rake and mina tips:

rake -T     # list all rake commands
rake -T db  # list all database related commands
mina -T     # list all mina deploy commands


Crontab can be setup after deploy. Jobs can be viewed here. Some jobs are dependent on cron_group variable set in deploy.rb.sample file.

mina pr cron:setup # to update the crontab.
mina pr cron:clear # to clear crontab.

Application settings

Application settings locate at config/application.yml.sample