Registry que server

Que server responsibilites:

  • handle write type of communication between Registrant and Registry
  • handle future jobs for Registry
  • handle heavy load jobs for Registry


Que can deploy either separaetly or along to Registry server depends on real load situation. In both serarious que requires working Registry deployment and full access to Registry databases.

Installation at deployed server:

cd /home/registry/registry/current
sudo cp doc/que/que-init-example /etc/init.d/que # and edit it
sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/que
sudo /etc/init.d/que          # for help and other commands
sudo /etc/init.d/que start    # for manual start 
sudo update-rc.d que defaults # for start in server boot

PID files

All pid files are at log/que directory.


You can run que manually as well for debugging:

cd /home/registry/registry/current

For all manual que tasks:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake -T que    # for all que tasks for manual control
rake que:clear           # Clear Que's job table
rake que:drop            # Drop Que's job table
rake que:migrate         # Migrate Que's job table to the most recent version (creating it if it doesn't exist)
rake que:work            # Process Que's jobs using a worker pool

For all que daemon tasks what inist script uses

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake -T daemon # for all que daemon tasks what init script uses
rake daemon:que          # Start que script
rake daemon:que:restart  # Restart que daemon
rake daemon:que:start    # Start que daemon
rake daemon:que:status   # Status que daemon
rake daemon:que:stop     # Stop que daemon